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Playing World of Warcraft Again

I thought my gaming days were over until I thought my gaming guild on alexsstrasza might be asomewhere place to try and rekindle my fondness for the game. It is a Christian only guild and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was to be able to just sit down, relax, and chat without all the drama normally associated with living your faith among the heathen. I’m sorry but that’s only half a joke. I find myself always having to double check what I say and do in front of non believing people so that the conversation doesn’t become too bogged down in judgementalism. I know I’m not supposed to judge but I find it difficult to relate to people who don’t try to straighten out their thinking when it comes to moral judgement. I judge myself a lot on that as well by the way so for those of you that know me personally know that I can have a wicked sense of humor. I blame that on bottling up my emotions too much, but just so you know I judge myself too much as well, if that somehow makes up for it.

Well, I’m going to post my first list of materials,  herbs to be specific, for wow in the hopes that I won’t forget to save it somewhere for future use. . .

Have a good night anyone who reads this tonight.
Sincerely, Steven