Trying to understand the heart, in a broken world


While Love is the supreme emotion, it is expressed through the heart, in an imperfect world. The collective hearts of the creatures of God have made the world what it is today, deflated and junked. People sometimes blame Love for the state of disrepair in their lives, whether by blaming God, or other creatures such as themselves whose Love does not conform, but I tell you, the Heart and Circumstance conspire to turn Love to Hate, and balance to chaos. Fortunately, there are remedies for this situation.


When someone acts out of Love, the Heart is the engine that brings forth this divine emotion, however the state of the heart can fundamentally warp this effect. Add to that the thousands of years, perhaps more, of damage we have inflicted on God and Creation by acting foolishly, and a true witches brew comes into effect. Christianity offers an understanding that this Creation is Fallen, and regardless of whether or not you believe the back story, it is correct in saying that this world is corrupt and corrupting. Watch as a child slowly grows up in this world: as he or she becomes burdened or changed by the negative, their heart goes from the innocence of new life, to something we like to call mature, but in many respects is simply a fallen state where we justify our negativity, and the infliction of evil to serve needs.


The heart goes from purity and wholeness to a decrepit shambles very quickly as one grows: the less love experienced the quicker the reaction. Religion is meant to reverse the trend, and in my case the cleansing of the Holy Spirit is a continual process of fixing my heart, soul, mind, and body. However you come about to God’s repairs of your own self, it is important to understand that the foolish application of Love can be much worse than any evil you might want to inflict, and thus a solid grounding in religion is necessary to overcome our ignorance. So much of modern society wants to pretend that God doesn’t exist, but such blatant ignorance is easily dismissed as denial or rejection and anger towards daily circumstance, not to mention an intentional lack of basic education in our times of religious matters. Suffice it to say that evil has a strong hold on our lives, and interferes with everything in our lives, whether we struggle against it, or are complicit in devilry.


So, Circumstance, our broken world and the limitations of reality make some repairs in our life extremely difficult. Improper application of healing often starts from a lack of Wisdom and Understanding at best, to unfocused dabbling at its worst. Book religions have the advantage of teaching scriptures for the novice, to catalyze the learning of proper technique of Heart using and mending, but fall prey to the potential introduction of false chapters being included in their Scriptures. Religions that have no set core obviously can suffer from a lack of cohesion and a paucity of accumulated Wisdom, Understanding, and Focus, but also have the strength of being able to reach some heights that a monolithic faith simply cannot reach without much effort. Even in Book Faiths, people perish from a lack of knowledge, so correctly applying one’s self to the study of God and Love, is paramount to healing this world, and having a right relationship with God.


Likely even after one passes on, one must always strive to work with God to maintain a robust and healthy Heart. When circumstance causes our hearts to be damaged, we must rely on God and our desire to be loving people to right the heart with the goal of returning to a centered and holy state of being. Being fallen simply means that evil is in control of the heart, and the yoke of bondage to the devil must be broken. As many times as is necessary in one’s life, one must be prepared to retake the journey of God loving and Heart cleansing, no matter the cause, else we die fouled, and the devil wins.


So, a good heart and a well-grounded education in God and Life is essential to living a good and just life, and having a positive impact on those around us. If enough of us stand up for what is right, we can begin to heal ourselves, others, and this world. Thanks.



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