The Relationship Between Pain and Addiction: A Short Essay

Mohadesa Najumi


Recently I have found myself pondering on the ways in which humans deal with pain. There are many theories and postulations on the way in which we manage, project and repress our trauma, but the statement that rings most true to me is this:

“The attempt to run away from pain creates more pain”

Studies show that when we feel emotional pain, the same areas of the brain are activated as when we feel physical pain. These feelings share much of the same circuitry in our system. Does this mean that a break-up can have similar repercussions on an individual as breaking a bone would for example? Perhaps it is more nuanced than this, but the point is that emotional pain should be not be undervalued in the affects it can have on the Self.

Everybody can relate to the idea of trauma. We have all suffered in our own ways and…

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