Rollable displays and smart plasters inch closer as researchers claim transistor breakthrough

While this is the future of displays, I can’t help but think there will be a large “scroll” feel to them, since the battery and perhaps storage still needs a place to reside. I am actually quite happy with my HTC Evo 4G LTE, it is light, powerful, and looks good. And, as a smoker, a flexible display which could burn through easily makes me squeamish.


Philips and researchers from the University in Surrey have made what they claim is a serious breakthrough in creating reliable flexible electronics. This may help fix a sticking point in the development of bendy and rollable gadgets, namely the viability of mass manufacture.

For the past two decades, the Dutch electronics conglomerate has been working with the British researchers on the so-called source-gated transistor (SGT), a type of transistor that controls the electric current just as it enters the semiconductor — this allows for lower energy consumption and lower risks of circuit malfunction, both of which are crucial for the emerging field of flexible electronics.

According to the researchers, there are many potential applications ranging from smart plasters that can perform as health sensors, to rollable displays and very low-cost electronic price tags.

Radu Sporea, the lead researcher on the project, said there were significant implications for…

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