Acer V5 552PG X809 Laptop


I was pleasantly gifted a laptop by a family member this Christmas. Within a budget, I could chose whichever model I desired, and settled on the Acer V5-552PG-X809 . The primary concern was being able to game with said laptop, and I purchased accordingly. What I did not expect was how well designed and thought out this model turned out to be. I am now an Acer fanboi, to be sure. Below is a review I intend to post to Newegg, in the hopes of guiding others to purchase this unit, since it is nearly flawless in implementation.

15.6 inch laptop Ultrathin, Champagne Ice 
1366×768 pixel touchscreen (720p)
AMD A10-5757m 2.5 GHz quad core APU
AMD Radeon 8750m GPU discrete, Radeon 8650m on APU: Crossfired.
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM
1 TB Western Digital 5400 RPM Hard Drive
2x USB 2.0 , 1x USB 3.0, gigabit Ethernet
802.11n 2.4 + 5 GHz dual band wireless
Bluetooth 4.0

Laptop Pros:
– Thin and Attractive, under 5 pounds
– 5 GHz Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth
– Well tuned Touchscreen
– Crossfired GPUs for decent gaming
– Responsive, accurate Keyboard, with Numeric Pad

Laptop Cons:
– When stressed, underside hot to touch
– Lower resolution screen
– Odd placement of I/O ports in the back

This laptop has been quite pleasant to use, and is able to function for both work and play very well. The touchscreen is quite responsive and stable, and the lower resolution, while noticeable, has a side benefit of higher FPS on games. When gaming, the laptop can get unbearably hot on the lap after an hour or so. A laptop cooling pad is necessary for extended gameplay when a game can fully take advantage of the hardware. The laptop is sexy and is pleasant to take out in public, plus the backlit keyboard makes for easy evening computing in addition to enhancing the look of the laptop. Overall, this is a very functional laptop! In fact, I have never had such a pleasant experience using a PC before, laptop or desktop. The I/O port placement is strange, but I have not had an issue with this personally, though I could see where someone would have difficulty using this on their lap if they had to plug extra devices in while doing so, since the cables would snake out the back.

With the exception of the high heat emitted by this laptop when running it at full steam, there is truly no other significant negative about this model. While the screen is at the low end of pixel density, it frankly makes up for it by a flawless touchscreen experience. Touchscreen capability is in my view quite necessary to enjoy Windows 8, having now experienced it. Slim, lightweight, and very capable, this Acer laptop is nearly an ideal package, and would get 5 out of 5 if not for the heat issues. Given this is a “lap”top, I have to dock it a full star because I paid extra for this laptop so I could game with it, as well as for work. Since most games do not tax this device at 100 percent, most of the time the added heat is bearable, so only 1 star is removed from what is otherwise a perfect device.

4 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.


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