How iPhone ruined HTC

HTC is essentially an Android iPhone producer. They pay attention to style, but also get wrapped up in the negatives of trying to emulate the iPhone.

I once owned an HTC Wildfire S, and it was a beautiful phone, and the UI was really fantastic. I remember thinking to myself that it looked very refined and that I would be a happy user and be able to impress those around me. Well, how wrong I was. The battery lasted about two hours from full charge down to critical, which is one reason I don’t use iPhone… There is limited room for the battery.

Application memory was abysmal, and total RAM available after boot was a joke. This was back in the days of Android 2.3, when Google was gaining momentum but far behind Apple. In order to make an iPhone knockoff they skimped on components to achieve the form factor they needed.

More and more other manufacturers are trying to make a svelte phone while ignoring the fact that batteries just can’t be reduced in size any more than they are already, and this results in a high spec phone that needs a new battery after 3 to 4 hours. The battery testing most review websites use must factor in an assumption that we won’t use our phone half the time.

Kudos to Motorola for their MAXX line of phones, they are the only company who make a phone for a power user out of the box. So far, iPhone style makes for iPhone capability, even in the Android world.


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