Nexus 7 2013 Ordered


Currently waiting for Google to ship my new Nexus 7 32 GB tablet. While it is a definite upgrade from the unit I am currently typing this out on, I can’t stress enough how much I will miss this unit. Despite all its little quirks, this tablet has become my go to device for anything my phone cannot handle.

My roommate had an unfortunate accident with her tablet, such that the screen is ruined, so she is taking ownership of this N7 2012 16 GB. I can only hope she has better luck with this unit than the previous one. TRIM support came OTA recently and I am finding this tablet to be much more responsive the last few days, so I assume the flash ROM has been cleaned out. I will have to wipe this unit when the new N7 arrives, I hope it will behave properly afterwards.

Many people have complained about the Nexus 7 2012 tablet, from build quality to stability, and I have to say that while there have been periods of time where the device performed to less than expectation, factory resets always solved the problem. I learned that whenever an Android Update happened, and also when getting a new unit, to always do a factory reset. Since I use the cloud extensively, losing data was never an issue, at least now that I am used to using the cloud and have learned to check to make sure that transfers have completed.

The N7 2013 is the next step I am taking in the Android experience, and I hope to get a decent model right out of the box. Apparently there have been teething issues for some early adopters, I hope my luck with Nexus remains the same or better.


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