Month: August 2013

Thoughts on Poverty

I am a person in poverty. Financially, socially, but not educationally. This odd combination leads to some very interesting results, chiefly that my desires and interests do not mix very well with my socioeconomic status.

Case in point : My cellphone is a re-branded HTC Evo 3D, when the world has moved on to Galaxy S devices with much larger screens, storage, and many improvements to the Android operating system over my Android 4.0 device. I had made a firm decision to upgrade to a Galaxy S 3, but I needed to help out a neighbor, so I bought  a TV from him. God and I won that round but I also lost the phone since the money is spent. In retrospect, if I would have known the money was going to go to his alcohol habit and cigarettes, instead of his family, I would have purchased the phone instead, but I digress.

Another instance is my desire to be a functional member of society, as a social conservative. Instead of voting my conscience I had to vote my wallet in 2012, Obama promised some relief while Romney vowed to gut my assistance, you can guess what I chose. To this day I am livid over this choice, but as long as Republicans are trying to throw me into the streets, what choice do I have? And then there is the rub burn of listening to my neighbors happy with the result because Obama represented the “moral” choice…I am Disgusted with myself and those around me.

The loss of upper class lifestyle, and the relentless pounding my pride takes, makes me more and more like the people around me. A lack of desire to improve is perhaps the most pernicious sin in the ghetto. I greatly admire people who manage to crawl out of poverty, the great loss is that they move out of my neighborhood, leaving me behind. In my better moments though I am glad they have a chance to succeed at what the American Dream promises and what I lack: satisfaction with the work of their hands.

Living with disability is painful for anyone, but to fall from a great financial height into the ghetto is just as bad, and I’m in a Tango with both.