Month: July 2013

Low income Blues

Live low income long enough and things that never bothered you growing up start to bother you fiercely.

Low income Linoleum is a sad creature….  He is alway cut badly, but he bubbles up, and always manages to get a crack addiction.
Low income Door is a close friend…. He needs to be adjusted according to the weather, and always seems to get kicked in. Low income Door Jamb is is best friend, but is always in rehab.
Low income Window can never keep from his crack habit, come winter he is always getting a fix.
Low income Carpet is predisposed to bad driving… His quality is all over the place.
Low income Rent is always too high to pay the bills.
Low income Tenant…  Well, he’s going to get arrested no matter what he does.


S3 on Virgin Mobile July 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived on Virgin Mobile, and I am very interested in this phone. It is the American variant, with a dual-core processor, which means that it is underpowered compared to the international version, however better battery life is the positive outcome here.

I use my phone for podcasts, since there is no SD card slot on the Nexus 7 tablet. The Evo V 4G from Virgin Mobile officially only supports a 32 GB MicroSDHC card. The S3 supports up to a 64 GB MicroSDXC card, which will be more than enough to support a podcast habit.

The screen is 720p, which means I will be able to download and watch higher bitrate content, and if I remember correctly, the screen is 4.8 inches diagonal. That essentially means I will be able to watch HD content while actually gaining a benefit.

The phone is a 4G LTE capable device, and my city is supposed to have that service available around my home, so I simply pray they have all their ducks in a row regarding coverage here.

It will take a couple months to save up for the phone, and I also have a tablet purchase I need to make by the end of this year as well. Hopefully, I will finally be able to own a Galaxy S again soon.

Quandary of Time to Waste

I am certain that I must find things to do to fill the large gaps of dead space in my daily life. I have three choices as I see it.

One, go back to video games, in the hope that the guilt of living on disability while utterly wasting my time will not cause my work ethic to sabotage said playing time.

Two, continue to buy gadgets and try to convince myself that people do not look at those gadgets and loathe my so called easy ride.

Three, rediscover my passion for coding with the intention of one day earning a living from my endeavors.

Alternatively, the fourth option is to wash dishes or floors until my back gives out on me completely. At minimum wage, staying under my earnings limit, and living a life of meekness and serenity as a vessel of God.

I think I will do all four, and for once be proud of myself for never having ultimately given up and committed Sepuku.