A Quick Review of HTC Evo V 4G

The specs of this phone may be off putting to people used to contract phones but with a little work this phone can go from mediocre to grand. This phone can still be found on eBay and Amazon, though it has been removed from the VM Beyond Talk section of their website. Herein are a few select points about the phone.

The screen is, perhaps, the biggest plus the phone has, compared to most other offerings by VM. 4.3 inches means fewer mistypes than the Galaxy Victory. The 3D aspect of the phone is likely not to be used by anyone for an extended period of time, and it is a chore to manually upload your 3D pictures. However, YouTube will supposedly take 3D video from the phone, but perhaps not the format the phone outputs at first… so there IS potential usefulness to this feature, and perhaps a place online to store and view your 3D movies, if not without conversion. The file extension at least, is consistent with the YouTube documentation.

The single dimension photo taking has fair to decent pictures, and I at least find the photographs to make the grade to share on G+ and Facebook. Make sure to clean the lens before taking a photo thoroughly. Finally, on one occasion, 4 out of 5 pictures taken of a major weather event had been adjusted by the phone, but one remained consistent with the actual event, so be sure to take a few photos of individual subject matter in challenging lighting scenarios.

The worst thing about this phone is a near useless battery as shipped. I ended up buying an extended battery and while it has more heft now it is more than made up for by the general usefulness of the phone. I charge once a day now, if that, and can go up to 3 days if it stays idle, with a ton of background apps running. Again, you won’t have the slimmest phone, but you will have a more useful phone than your friend’s phones, and you simply don’t need to carry a charger everywhere you go.

Android 4.0 works a treat, the 32 Gigabytes of storage from the SD card I have makes it more useful for podcasts and listening to music than my 16 GB Nexus 7!, and there is a special treat to the Android version on the phone, it plays Flash! In practice this phone is more useful than many 4.1 and 4.2 phones precisely for this reason… out of the box, anyway. Also, 4.0 still allows you to store applications on the SD card, which is handy to say the least since on board storage is a potential problem with this device.

SenseUI 3.6 is a decent UI and doesn’t make itself much of a nuisance. Phone call quality is decent and dropped calls are usually due to the person I am talking to. 4G WiMax has decent speeds and available in quite a few markets, including mine. An odd aside, Sprint does not list my city of residence as having 4G WiMax, but it exists here nonetheless.

All in all a good phone with some style to boot. As of July 4th, it is still one of the better phones that can be used on the Virgin Mobile service, and as previous top of the line phone on Sprint, as the Evo 3D, there are plenty of accessories to be found. I am actually considering keeping this phone until they no longer make apps for 4.0, which I feel is unlikely to happen for some time. I thoroughly enjoy using this phone and it has been a good companion thus far.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section.


UPDATE: I purchased an HTC EVO 4G LTE because I was so pleased with this phone, I thought I would pay for another HTC device. After that, likely an HTC One 32GB when the prices drop in about a year.


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