Freedom of Religion


How many times do the laws need to be changed to benefit sexual orientation, race and class before the religious establishment demands equal representation under the law?

Every time a homosexual is beaten for choosing to follow his passions, it is considered a hate crime. Every time a man or woman of color are called the N word, those actions are considered a hate crime. But if you are assaulted someone because of religious doctrine, it is simply a crime. Granted none of these other crimes should be treated any differently because of the circumstances, religion nevertheless must learn some tricks that the liberal establishment has given to their cherished causes, and I see no reason why we cannot use the system to shore up our own agenda.

Much like the humanist agenda has subverted race relations, from church to state, the religious establishment can take control of the situation legally. Thus adherents lives ,when tested , become part of a specially protected class of persons who, if harmed or discriminated against during the practice of religion or speaking about their faith, have strong redress in the modern courts, if we pursue this idea.

This would upend 60 years of the denigration of religion and religious persons in the west and ensure a safer work environment for all types of religious careers and persons. This would honestly be very difficult to do, since the hate crime legislation was set up in supposed opposition to churches, however, with such protections we would enable our fellow brothers to feel somewhat protected by secular government, which we can truthfully no longer consider our own.

It is time government and religion found a common ground once again in the West, and making Religious Freedom a reality could be the foundation.


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