Introducing My Idea for Sustainable De-Ionizing Electrical Production

I have come up with an idea for a renewable power generation technology that does not require a source input other than the environment itself. The genesis of the idea was a book on speculation as to Nicolai Tesla’s power transmission ideas as well as basic concepts in electricity as it relates to electrical charge in the ambient environment.

The concept is simple, take electrons or other charged particles in a given natural environment and store them in a capacitor (battery) for use in a certain region, from your home to a large energy grid system. The essence of the idea is simple… Air carries a charge, whether through interaction with the magnetosphere or from atmospheric events, and thus would provide a generation envelope similar to hydroelectric power in terms of both extracting energy from a basic environmental resource and also, unlike pure wind generation, would at the very least continue to provide a minimal generation capacity even during days of calm, since electrical fields often change due to factors other than just wind.

The micro and macro environmental effects would have to be studied to discover how de-electrifing a portion of a wind channel would have on plants and people in our daily lives. The number, frequency, and size of the power generating plants would ultimately be determined by environmental impact, thereby enabling the technology to be considered “Green”. As we all know, even green energy power generation has a negative footprint from, say, the production of a wind or water turbine to the environmental impact of the turbine itself, including loss of avian and other wildlife due to site location, etc. Therefore I believe on a micro scale the technology can be considered Green, especially if sited near human made places of electrical activity or where de-ionization at a certain scale would not produce a substantial impact on regional electrical activity, say in a location prone to frequent electrical storms.

This technology is not limited to air, any medium with an electrical charge could be used for generation purposes, but I intend for the technology to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible to avoid the pitfalls of our early 21st century reliance on energy production which rely on fossil fuels.

I fully intend on this technology being licensed to current fossil fuel companies and avoid the trap Nicolai Tesla fell in to, when he challenged the existing powers that were in place and lost.

I feel that I do not have the industry connections to profit from my device so I will be posting some basic untested schematics and principles the device would operate on. These devices are initially very high energy input to produce for very low short term gain of electricity but I feel that if certain areas of geography can be found they would benefit places or peoples that simply have no other way to generate electricity. They would also be useful for locations where a person or small group of people would live, far off-grid, where small amount of steady electricity could provide for a livable environment, such as light at night or a water heater. Non human outposts would benefit in that electrical production could be provided where solar power would not be an option but abundant ambient electrical energy exists.


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