Fighting inner demons and the quest to stay sane


Evangelion is a show about demons come to life. While I am not much of an expert on the show I’ve learned a few things about fighting demons. The first thing to realize is that whether real or imagined, demonic oppression comes about due to internal deficiencies or judgments for external actions. Regardless on how they occur, these two processes require a willing participant in you. Any negative or sin can be a back door to a demon. Think of it as a castle, if even one spot isn’t watched well, the enemy can get in, and their daggers can be at your throat soon after. To deal with this, you must get your house in order, of nothing more than to know the lay of your own self better. Once you know yourself well enough to gauge your actions versus those of an evil spirit then you are much better prepared to understand why the demon is there in the first place, how it got in, and how to chase it out. While a priest or a pastor is very helpful in dealing with spirits, dealing with demons of your own making is much the same, and both of these can be present, and dealing with each of these requires patience and a willingness to challenge yourself and ideas you have about yourself. You will likely find aspects of your personality and mind frightening and depressing, which leads to the last part of my little note here. To remove a demon one must become stronger than the demon. In whichever way it is affecting you, work towards building positive strength in that area. If you love little, learn to love more. If patience is a virtue to you, become virtuous. Greed, hate, sloth, envy are all problems that can be handled if you are sincere about living a better life. Don’t be afraid to ask God for help. Don’t assume that a demon will just move on, and expect them to roll over and play dead. It can take a significant amount of time to remove something older and wiser than you, but if you arm yourself with knowledge, wisdom, and gain a basic understanding of spiritual warfare then you have the tools to gain your freedom and a right mind again. If you are losing control of your actions then seek out a hospital. Many drugs given for psychological problems can help you in your quest to rid yourself of your occupiers, and it is better that you are in a setting where you cannot harm others. Above all, however you know God you should take the time to get to know Him better. My personal quest to be free of demons has often required God to make ends meet where I fail, just make sure you put the work in as well or you leave yourself open to demons once you are cleansed. Take care and I hope this little text has you at least wondering why it is you react in certain ways irrationally when your own reaction would have been much different, and what to do about it. You don’t have to live with a perverse mind, and there is help if you ask. Happy trails.


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