Month: July 2012

Nexus 7 Arrived This Week, Decent performance and lightweight, can’t beat the price


Earlier this week I was one of the fortunate few to get my hands on a Nexus 7 tablet from Asus via Google. Quad core processor, 1 GB of ram, 16 GB of storage space. What does that all add up to? A very sexy tablet, and at just $278 after shipping and taxes it turns out to be the best investment I made all year. I am using the tablets’ speech translator he is doing a very good job translating what I’m saying.

Many people who have ordered this tablet still haven’t received it and I suspect that I am 1 of the lucky few who got in early enough to to take possession of this fantastic device. While it remains to be seen whether or not the tablet will stand up to being used extensively I have high hopes for this unit. . .

A number of odd things stand out about this tablet. The main launcher page only works in portrait mode. I installed a rotation app that works well but I still find it odd that the design team didn’t include a landscape mode.

Battery life is good for the small size of the device, however it takes a while to charge. A big plus with this unit is the ability to use most of the smartphone chargers I had from previous devices due to the type of plug they designed the unit to accommodate. My previous tablet required a proprietary connector and I spent around 50 dollars buying chargers for it. This unit however was very light on the wallet comparatively.

One point about a light tablet I thought I should make, they feel like they are going to snap in half, even though the build quality is solid. My older Galaxy Tab 7 WiFi felt much more sturdy. While writing this I checked the tablet out and it isn’t bendy or anything like that so kudos to Asus for making the unit sturdy AND light. Expect to instinctively treat it with kid gloves.

Many apps written for 2.3 do not always work properly, one that comes to mind immediately is Pocketcast which has trouble with the built in downloader.(Ed: All 2.3 apps I use as of April 11 2013 work well now!) It will likely take some time for apps to be coded to work with the unit 100%. This is a big negative for this tablet, as some apps refuse to work outright, Farmers Progress and related apps force close immediately. I suspect the update to 4.1.1 had something to do with this since other users have reported issues with that update on certain games.

The keyboard is extremely responsive and I have not had to install a third party keyboard for the unit, as I have been forced to do on my previous android devices to be able to type properly. The screen is also a beauty to behold.

All in all I am very happy with this unit. I think new users to tablets would find the Nexus 7 a difficult unit to master quickly but I had previous experience with the Galaxy Tab so it was easy personally to make the transition.



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Freemium and Low Income

Freemium is to get the foot in the door. Most of the battle of sales is to get the customer to look at your product. In app purchasing is the future, what with all the developers and open source software these days. I use open source and freemium for the vast majority of my computer use outside gaming. Much of my gaming is also freemium, and my Evernote alternates between freemium and premium, depending on how much note taking I do. However, if I would have had to pay for Evernote right off the bat, they would never have made $5 a month regularly from me at all, since I never would have tried their product at all. The best part of freemium as a consumer is that I can still use some of the functionality of the software even if I don’t have the money to pay for the premium services. This is a very good alternative for someone on a tight budget, who cannot always afford to pay a yearly subscription, or for that matter a large monthly subscription.


  • “We are now seeing the end of the freemium model — signing up users for free and trying to upsell,” said Christian Vanek, CEO of the Boulder-based SurveyGizmo, in a recent phone conversation.
  • “6.5 million unique users is not all that it’s cracked up to be. I don’t want hits. I want revenue. I want a real business,” said Matt Wensing, founder and CEO of Stormpulse, in an interview with Mixergy.
  • “Make a product people want to pay for,” said Marco Arment, founder of Instapaper, in a Planet Money interview.

Three easily available examples do not make indisputable evidence against freemium. Just like Dropbox, Evernote and RememberTheMilk do not make a case for freemium. But these three quotes reflect a return to the roots of marketing — starting with customer needs, choosing the needs you want to serve and getting your fair share…

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A Quick Way To Jump Start Gold Savings On Wow

A new player on World of Warcraft needs to understand a few fundamentals of the game in order to have a better experience with the game as they begin to level. To summarize:

1) Bags are crucial to your questing, leveling, and overall comfort while playing. Why constantly have to run back to a town or auction house all session when a few larger bags will help you keep ALL the loot you find.
2) There is no loot that is junk when you start. White gear and basic gray items can be useful when you start leveling, and the meats you pick up are very useful to make money by selling it and the other items to others at the auction house.
3) The bank is your friend. If you are short on time, there is nothing easier than to dump your inventory into your bank in your starting capital.

When you start playing all you have is your backpack and some basic equipment. The equipment will quickly improve but you don’t get a lot of extra bags via quests and you will be hard pressed to loot everything from your kills. You really only have two options: Not loot valuable (copper sale or useful) items. Or run back to town every 20 minutes. The only way to improve this situation is to buy more bags, it is as simple as that.

Starting out , you don’t have a lot of money and you need most of the money to level your skills at your trainer. Pay close attention to how much a wolf pelt or a rabbit’s foot sells for to the vendors, chances are you’ll make a lot more money on certain drops than others. Never neglect your class trainer upgrades in general, but specifically always train at lower levels to get those necessary early dps and healing abilities, they help the grind go so much better. Consider endurance to start, having more energy/mana available and taking on larger groups in combat, rather than quick kills but always having to refuel. This means going Frost for Mage, Protection for Paladin, Discipline for Priest class, etc.

My preferred method to getting bags is to use the auction house (AH). In order to use the auction house successfully you need some money from items made from a trade skill, and the best trade skill early in the game to make money on the auction house has usually been Skinning, Mining and/or Herbalism. If this is your first character chose a complimentary trade skill combination based on your type of armor but if you are looking to make money Skinning and Herbalism is easy money.

You will find the skinning and herbalism trainers in the main towns or capitals for sure, just ask a guard for directions and follow the pointer on the mini map. For Skinning make sure to pick up the skinning knife, For Mining pick up the pickaxe. When you get out into the field, remember that Herbalism and Mining nodes tend to be near monsters so be ready to dish out pain to reap the benefits.

OK, so you have 20-40 copper ore and wish to sell, go to the Auction House and search for your item. Select a price point below the high values but far above the lowest values. Most AH players will be selling the items for very high prices which most people won’t pay. You want cash fast but you want a good return for your items in cash so pick a value that will earn you a few gold over the course of 24 hours. Once you have enough gold you can start buying low and selling high. The more you mine, forage for herbs, or skin determines how much money you can make, along with your investments. You can also announce in the General or Trade chat that you have, say, 20x of light leather to sell for 10 Gold. Just make sure you put it on the Auction House, and state so in your announcement, so that you don’t get swindled by an unscrupulous player.

When you get your money, search for bags on the AH. I have found 12 slot bags are the best bang for the buck in WoW for a while, you can usually pick up 4 12 slots for 10-20g, at least on the servers I’ve played on. Your mileage may vary. Now you can loot to your heart’s content and have plenty of space for those quest items and your Gathering activities.

Happy trails!

NB: Picking up a couple 6 slot bags early on can be an alternate route and if you want to pick up a few 6 slots early on just make sure you have money for training. You may have to grind (repetitively kill mobs in the same area) to make your money back but if you want to start Gathering it can jumpstart your money making. The effort you put in determines what you get out of this game.