Rewriting last post the internet never received.

Well, it turns out the laptop does a wonderful job on rift, and even a better job on world of warcraft. You have to put the settings on balanced or on the defined presents of which balanced is one. It is not immediately noticeable that vision control center is installed on the Satellite p775d but if you hunt around for it you will find it, however not in the notification area. Turning shadows off in rift helped quite a bit as well as the supersampling. At the end of my tuning the game was quite nice looking on the 17 inch 1600 x 900 screen. I sincerely hope AMD keep on developing the a8 platform since I can easily see myself staying with them on mobile while they claw their way back to desktop high end. While the bulldozer is a nice chip I just don’t see how they will keep up with Intel much longer even aiming at the i5 as that cpu did. I am embarrassed to say that I think Intel is back in its full glory while AMD fanboys such as myself are being left behind.

Perhaps a better place AMD could work is on tablet processors and take on nvidia. The market is exploding and AMD needs a new revenue stream very badly. While it may sound anti American I am glad Global Foundries is so heavily invested in China since it means AMD is on firm ground going into the next 20 years or so whereas I really don’t see that sort of stability here in the West. Honestly I will be learning Chinese to improve my language skills since Hebrew is surrounded by all the major pitfalls of Judeo  Christianity and having to include my faith with my foreign language skills as well feels too involved. But I digress. I am glad that there is a new player by way of nvidia nonetheless I just hope that there is more AMD and not less 5 years down the road. . .


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