Rtsp streaming and the android OS



Don’t get me wrong, I adore my android devices but due to a limited budget I don’t like to go root or flash my devices, however I don’t think I am going to have an option when it comes to my tablet. Let me explain. . .

Android comes in many different flavors, from Froyo (2.2) to Gingerbread (2.3) to Honeycomb (3.x) and finally, at present Ice Cream Sandwihch (4.0.x). The higher the first digit the more recent the version. My version on this tablet, version 2.2 Froyo, had a bug that causes me to have streamed videos from places like YouTube and news organisations freeze part of the way through playing a regular sized clip.

Now you might say, why not just upgrade the device to 2.3 or 4.0,  but the process of creating an upgrade puts the manufacturer in a financial constraint where they are supporting a device they no longer manufacture. This would be fine by me except that this is a serious bug for a multimedia device and I feel somewhat entitled to compensation given how much I have spent on this tablet. Moreover, this bug was squashed on another 2.2 device I own so it would not take much effort to come out with a fix.

So I feel like I am being forced to take a risk and install a third party addition to my tablet which is causing me to sweat a little, since there is no easy way to fix a bad upgrade. I would be forced to return the device to Samsung and given my religious convictions I would not be able to claim insurance if Samsung no longer supports repairs. . .

Please, all of you, do your research on tablets before you buy. Pay particular attention to the model number of the device and do a Google search to see if it popular. In my case, the galaxy tab is very popular but the specific model I own, the gt-p1010 does not have a lot of backing behind it since it was effectively a different product marketed under the galaxy tab 7 inch brand.

I don’t have a lemon by any means but there is a slight bitter after taste knowing I put 400 on a device that can’t do simple YouTube video.


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