Month: April 2012

Playing World of Warcraft Again

I thought my gaming days were over until I thought my gaming guild on alexsstrasza might be asomewhere place to try and rekindle my fondness for the game. It is a Christian only guild and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was to be able to just sit down, relax, and chat without all the drama normally associated with living your faith among the heathen. I’m sorry but that’s only half a joke. I find myself always having to double check what I say and do in front of non believing people so that the conversation doesn’t become too bogged down in judgementalism. I know I’m not supposed to judge but I find it difficult to relate to people who don’t try to straighten out their thinking when it comes to moral judgement. I judge myself a lot on that as well by the way so for those of you that know me personally know that I can have a wicked sense of humor. I blame that on bottling up my emotions too much, but just so you know I judge myself too much as well, if that somehow makes up for it.

Well, I’m going to post my first list of materials,  herbs to be specific, for wow in the hopes that I won’t forget to save it somewhere for future use. . .

Have a good night anyone who reads this tonight.
Sincerely, Steven



I am.a conservative who doesn’t want a return to Bush era politics. I feel as though Mitt Romney is that sort of choice.

I was a radical Christian when Bush was elected and I voted for him twice, in 2000 and 2004, thinking absurdly that he would bring conservative values back into the country as though voting for someone who will be there 8 years can stop the steamroller of liberal politics by changing how people act. I was an angry and discontented member of the voting public who wanted a domestic agenda. Instead of that I received a fascist war monger.

In all fairness Bush was elected for his domestic agenda not the unnoticed simmering tensions in the middle east which boiled over on Sept 11 2001 and galvanized the west to bring the Muslim nations to ruin. This process by the way is still going on, the Arab Spring is the most recent response the west has had to the old guard in the Arab world.

But back to the issue at hand, the election. Romney is a gateway to republican neo conservatism and will likely be another war president even if Obama brings the troops home from Afghanistan by Christmas. There is simply too much going on in the middle east to safely assume we will have a domestic agenda president in 2012.

And that is why I have decided as a conservative to vote for Obama. He has done well in this so called war on terror, has indicated he will not oppose the Bush era tax cut expiration and most importantly has responded positively to internet freedom initiatives.

Obama brings to the table experience and maturity. Romney is a step backwards into tyranny. I’m voting for Obama in 2012.

Rewriting last post the internet never received.

Well, it turns out the laptop does a wonderful job on rift, and even a better job on world of warcraft. You have to put the settings on balanced or on the defined presents of which balanced is one. It is not immediately noticeable that vision control center is installed on the Satellite p775d but if you hunt around for it you will find it, however not in the notification area. Turning shadows off in rift helped quite a bit as well as the supersampling. At the end of my tuning the game was quite nice looking on the 17 inch 1600 x 900 screen. I sincerely hope AMD keep on developing the a8 platform since I can easily see myself staying with them on mobile while they claw their way back to desktop high end. While the bulldozer is a nice chip I just don’t see how they will keep up with Intel much longer even aiming at the i5 as that cpu did. I am embarrassed to say that I think Intel is back in its full glory while AMD fanboys such as myself are being left behind.

Perhaps a better place AMD could work is on tablet processors and take on nvidia. The market is exploding and AMD needs a new revenue stream very badly. While it may sound anti American I am glad Global Foundries is so heavily invested in China since it means AMD is on firm ground going into the next 20 years or so whereas I really don’t see that sort of stability here in the West. Honestly I will be learning Chinese to improve my language skills since Hebrew is surrounded by all the major pitfalls of Judeo  Christianity and having to include my faith with my foreign language skills as well feels too involved. But I digress. I am glad that there is a new player by way of nvidia nonetheless I just hope that there is more AMD and not less 5 years down the road. . .

Rtsp streaming and the android OS



Don’t get me wrong, I adore my android devices but due to a limited budget I don’t like to go root or flash my devices, however I don’t think I am going to have an option when it comes to my tablet. Let me explain. . .

Android comes in many different flavors, from Froyo (2.2) to Gingerbread (2.3) to Honeycomb (3.x) and finally, at present Ice Cream Sandwihch (4.0.x). The higher the first digit the more recent the version. My version on this tablet, version 2.2 Froyo, had a bug that causes me to have streamed videos from places like YouTube and news organisations freeze part of the way through playing a regular sized clip.

Now you might say, why not just upgrade the device to 2.3 or 4.0,  but the process of creating an upgrade puts the manufacturer in a financial constraint where they are supporting a device they no longer manufacture. This would be fine by me except that this is a serious bug for a multimedia device and I feel somewhat entitled to compensation given how much I have spent on this tablet. Moreover, this bug was squashed on another 2.2 device I own so it would not take much effort to come out with a fix.

So I feel like I am being forced to take a risk and install a third party addition to my tablet which is causing me to sweat a little, since there is no easy way to fix a bad upgrade. I would be forced to return the device to Samsung and given my religious convictions I would not be able to claim insurance if Samsung no longer supports repairs. . .

Please, all of you, do your research on tablets before you buy. Pay particular attention to the model number of the device and do a Google search to see if it popular. In my case, the galaxy tab is very popular but the specific model I own, the gt-p1010 does not have a lot of backing behind it since it was effectively a different product marketed under the galaxy tab 7 inch brand.

I don’t have a lemon by any means but there is a slight bitter after taste knowing I put 400 on a device that can’t do simple YouTube video.

Apologies to Amd and Toshiba, laptop and rift perform very well!

I must have hit the wrong setting somewhere when I started tuning rift the first time. When returning ccc (vision control center) to balanced mode and putting rift on default settings for each tier of graphic quality I began to see quite decent performance overall from the satellite p775d with a8 APU. So good in fact that this is a 100 percent turnaround of a post. While not close to my main rig it is decent enough to walk around in the capital city of Meridian without a lot of drag. Outside in the game world there was a much more notable improvement.

A number of points to consider. For one, we must simply assume that the apu is set up by driver tuning for defaults since my previous changes I made were to reduce computational stresses. It is an assumption because I have been known to reduce framerates when fooling around with ccc without entirely understanding the reason. I also can conjecture that the apu has to balance processing power with graphics output and thus I may have accidentally bunged up the works by trying to run too much data through.

Either way I’m glad I rechecked my settings. Rift plays very well on defaults with both vision control center and the various graphics settings in Rift. One thing to note, turning shadows down in the settings greatly improved frame rates, saying that while the game world is fully rendered, you still need a dedicated gpu if you want all the bells and whistles. However, you need to buy a 1300 dollar laptop to achieve the same effect I have been able to get on a 700 dollar laptop. Amd vs. Intel, game set and match AMD. Now if only they would raise the clock speeds :-d

Some distress with the laptop lately although my usage patterns aren’t normal so. . .

The laptop lately has been going into repair mode every time I boot it up. I have been a desktop user for a long time and so I am a little perturbed at this behavior from a seamless build when my desktop is a mishmash of parts old and new which should be more unstable. I also have some distressing news to report about Rift and the laptop. . . A vanilla install of rift doesn’t play well at all with the low clock speed of the quad core. This is obviously a single threaded game. Wow has no problems on higher settings so AMD is saved by good coding but this is not good news for anyone trying to run everyday run of the mill games.

So. . . AMD has to stop playing the efficiency game and boost the clock speeds, simple as that. This would mean larger batteries and add a significant cost to the OEM bottom line when considered with their overall strategy as a bargain brand. There is a silver lining here though, and that is the fact that ultrabooks don’t have decent graphics and require low watt processors so this processor with a little tweaking could be a dream for that segment, or even without tweaking.

Where the A-series really shines is the addition of a fully functional graphics unit, which is why I purchased the laptop in the first place instead of an i5 that was available at the time. The i5 simply didn’t have game level graphics, and was dual core instead of quad core. I wanted a laptop that could use the vreveal video editing suite since I was purchasing a video card for my desktop from AMD in the 6xxx or even 7xxx range and I didn’t want to waste my purchase. That video editing suite happens to leverage the Radeon cards in that range similarly to Cuda for nvidia.

I’m going to be spending some time tinkering with rift on the laptop to see if I can juryrig the game into spreading across all four cores. They had experimentation on multiple core implementation a few months ago and I suspect the new processor isn’t being detected properly. What gives me such a notion is that the software render of the game is smooth and the core is rated at the 66xxm performance level, so chances are there is something just not right about this herring. By the way, other than this major digression the laptop is quite nice overall for what I need it for. But for Gods sake, get the extended battery. . .