Month: February 2012

Refreshing Design sometime this week

I hope I am able to put a lot more time into this site now that I’ve quit playing World of Warcraft. Even if  As much as I loved wow, I got stuck in an all too familiar situation with that game, I had to choose between getting something productive done and wasting time on the game, and my work ethic won again.

A few things to note, I haven’t worked with HTML or Javascript for some time, so I may goof  here and there with the code, do me a favor and let me know if something seems broken. Also, I am combining my political and personal blog posts into one, I hope people don’t take this as an invitation to spam their hate on my personal page, but I suppose given how political and religious events are these days it cannot be avoided.

Make no mistake, I take threats against my life and others seriously, so never post a threatening entry in the comments section on my site, it will be followed up. This warning is geared for the youngsters, who don’t seem to understand the severity of their actions. And this blog is written by a religious conservative: There will be no anti-religious bigotry allowed in the comments, if you want to support gay rights go do it at your gay bar or at your local STD testing site. I am allowed as a free citizen of the world to form my own opinions and I don’t consider gay rights a right, I consider it a stain on modern culture, I frankly wish it was still a crime called Sodomy and punishable by prison time. If that offends you, so be it, I am allowed as an American citizen to speak my mind.


On to the design…