A8 1.5 ghz 4 core laptop on the way…

Well I’ve been recommending this processor based on specs alone for a few weeks and now I have a toshiba on the way. 17 inch screen 640 gb 5400 rpm drive will need to be replaced with a hybrid 7200 rpm drive once the prices go down on hdd units. Perhaps now is the time to consider purchasing an ssd…

The laptop has a usb 3.0 plug so the laptop is fairly new design wise. I am in the process of trying to find a decent netbook usb drive to plug into the unit. So far the tiny drives barely put out enough throughout to be useful for readyboost however thankfully the laptop is coming with 6 gb ddr3 ram. The screen is 1600 by 900 and being an a8 has decent graphics for integrated gpu cpu combo the a8 is.

Disappointed that the processor is only 1.5 ghz. I hope the core is sufficiently advanced that I won’t notice it too much on single thread apps. Time to put my money where my mouth is…


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