Phenom II 6 core 1100T system arriving this morning

Well my Phenom II 1000T 3.3 Ghz (3.7 turbo) will be arriving this morning, I will have some pictures and whatnot posted to my Google+ account. Gigabyte 990FX UD3 motherboard with the 3x usb plug, which I will test on my Galaxy Tab to see if the recharge times improve any. Standard 8GB of RAM (1600 Mhz) in the system to start out with another 8 next month hopefully. Going to use a 2TB drive and an old video card from this system until I can purchase a 6870, (currently have a 4870, back when the darn thing cost 0ver $250). (Ed: ended up purchasing a 7770 in 2013, which turned out well enough to play Rift.)

The A8 system I’m going to be buying is a Gateway system, I’m currently shopping around for a system with a decent speaker system, I hope Sony is offering a laptop with the A8 in it, or Asus. There must be some reason other than marketing that AMD cannot get into the mainstream of products. I also wonder if the manufacturers even realize just how cheap they are putting out their AMD systems for. I would gladly pay $800 for an A8 (quad-core 6350) based system, so to see them put out units for the $500 price point makes purchasing an easy decision.


Now back to waiting for the delivery driver…


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